Troubleshooting your Toilet Issue

Issues with toilets is one of the most common plumbing issues people will face. It’s likely because our toilets get a lot of use and are more prone to wear and tear than other items that get less use. Luckily many of the issues that happen with toilets can be easily fixed by the average person without needing to call for Phoenix plumbing service. However if you do feel uncomfortable working on your plumbing, it is better to call for help rather than try to fix something that you aren’t familiar with. You could cause more harm than good if you try to fix something that isn’t actually broken or that you aren’t sure how to fix. Here are some common issues and what to do about it:

  • A gurgling noise is coming from the toilet: If your toilet is making gurgling noises and/or draining the water without having been flushed, you could have an issue with one of your plumbing vents. If this tends to happen when other things are running, like your washing machine, then you likely have an obstruction in a vent that is causing pressure issues. You’ll need a professional plumber to help with this.
  • Your toilet is running constantly: This happens frequently and many people think it is just a normal part of having a toilet. However, it isn’t. If you can giggle the handle and the running goes away, there is likely something wrong with the hardware in your flush handle. You can purchase a new kit at most hardware stores and install it pretty easily. Running water is just being wasted and you are paying for it so be sure to get this fixed.
  • Water is coming out of the base on the floor: It’s possible that there is an issue with the wax ring around the base of your toilet which is allowing water to leak out. This can be a major issue only because it can make a big mess and cause water damage, but it can be easily fixed by getting a new wax ring and replacing it. You should turn off the water and drain your toilet before attempting to fix this. This is an issue you shouldn’t ignore and should call for help if necessary. It’s possible that there is another problem that you may need help fixing.

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