The Most Common Plumbing Issues In A New Home

Around 40 percent of new homeowners see their dream property turn into a nightmare all because they failed to notice the problems with the house before they purchased it. There can be many plumbing issues in a new home so if you look out for these, you will potentially save yourself thousands. Here are the most common ones along with some solutions.

If your bathroom has been tiled unprofessionally, then more than likely the waterproofing beneath the tiles is shoddy. Look for leaks and gaps from between the tiles before re-grouting. A reputable building company will be able to inspect the bathroom thoroughly and carry out the re-tiling renovation.

Problem drains can be caused by blockages that are characterized by slow-draining water or unpleasant odors from the bathroom. It is best to call a professional as soon as you notice something is wrong with your drains, especially if you cannot remove the blockages by yourself. However, if you can see what is blocking the drain, use a coat hanger to clear the shower drain.

If you spot soft material that has clogged up the kitchen sink, just mix some hot water with baking soda to liquefy the blockage. Vinegar is another natural remedy that may do the trick. If you are a DIY expert, you can use a plunger, however, this can push the blockage further down the water pipe.

The safest option would be to contact a plumber, especially if other parts of the house get affected by the blocked drains. An experienced plumbing expert will use high-pressure water jet blaster to break down the blockage and wash it into the sewer system. Aside from sink blockages, you may also experience blocked toilets due to toilet tissue overload or cistern troubleshooting.

The best treatment for rectifying the cistern issue would be to open its lid and check to see if the mechanism is working as it should. There may be sediments obstructing the valve and stopping the toilet tank to fill. If the flush buttons are misaligned, put them back into place properly before placing the mechanism under the lid.

If the problem persists, and you are unable to fix it, it is best not to proceed any further just in case there are any leaks or cracks. This is when you need to contact a plumber to check for leaks in the toilet. If your cistern is older than 7 years, the inflow and outflow can wear out and will need replacing by a professional. A qualified plumber will check the sewage before dealing with this issue.

When you buy a new home, you may overlook the hot water unit. You must check its age as most water heaters only last for up to ten years, if properly maintained. Most people overlook the servicing part and only replace their water heaters once they have stopped working. If the water heater in your new home is older than 8 years or so, replace it immediately. This task can easily be done by a professional plumber.

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