Professional Drain Cleaning Basics

When you have a drain that won’t clear, there are a few different routes you may try. The first is using a store-bought chemical drain cleaner. While these may work sometimes, they are very harmful to the environment.

A second alternative is the old tried-and-true vinegar and baking soda solution. This also can be effective for minor clogs, but it will not work on major obstructions.

A third alternative is trying to clear the drain with a wire coat hanger. Again, this may work on clogs that consist of hair, but the hanger can only go so far down the drain, and it could possibly damage the drain or other components.

The best solution if one of the above isn’t enough is to call in a professional. A professional plumber from H & H Plumbing will have the correct tools and the knowledge to clear your drain correctly. And there will be no damage done in the process.

He will also be able to evaluate how far the clog is and what will be needed to get it cleared, including video inspection.

For the absolute best in professional plumbing service, Peoria, AZ residents trust H & H Plumbing above all others! We provide the best service and quality of care to all of our customers.

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