5 Ways to Make Your Basement Energy Efficient

The basement can be one of the most unused spaces in your home, yet it still costs an arm and a leg to heat it through the cool winter months. There are some practical ways that you can make your basement more energy efficient and save money on your overall energy bill every month:

  1. Make sure your basement is properly insulated. They can often be drafty, neglected areas of the home, yet many thermostats also work to heat the basement and can therefore have to work overtime to make the space warm.
  2. Switch to LED light bulbs and make sure you do not leave lights on in your basement when you don’t need them on. When a light in the basement is left on, it can sometimes be days before someone notices and is able to turn it off.
  3. Upgrade your appliances. An old refrigerator and washer or dryer in the basement can use a lot of energy. Newer energy efficient appliances can save a lot of money over their lifetime.
  4. Make sure humidity levels are controlled in the basement. Leaking pipes, windows, or appliances can cause heating issues.
  5. Get rid of any possible leaks in windows or vents. By making sure everything is properly sealed, you will save money and stop paying to heat the outdoors.

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